Industrial Scale Strip Out Services by Coastal Demolitions

At Coastal Demolitions, we take pride in offering efficient industrial scale strip out services to help you re-create any size and type of space.

Our expertise in demolition and removal ensures that your project is handled with utmost professionalism and precision. 

With a commitment to delivering exceptional results, we strive to exceed your expectations and provide the highest level of satisfaction.

House being demolished | Coastal Demolitions

Transforming Spaces with Industrial Scale Strip Outs

When it comes to reimagining a space, an industrial scale strip out is often the first step toward creating a fresh and functional environment. 

Whether you’re renovating a commercial property, upgrading a residential space, or repurposing an industrial facility, our strip out services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Solutions
for Any Space

No matter the size or complexity of your project, Coastal Demolitions has the expertise to handle it. 

Our industrial scale strip out services encompass a wide range of spaces, including office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, factories, and more. 

We carefully assess the requirements of each project and devise a strategic plan to execute the strip out process seamlessly.

House being demolished | Coastal Demolitions

High Quality Strip Outs

When it comes to strip outs, precision and attention to detail are paramount. Our highly trained professionals employ advanced techniques to ensure a thorough and precise strip out. 

From removing fixtures, partitions, and flooring to dismantling structures and clearing debris, we meticulously execute each step of the process. 

Our commitment to quality guarantees that the space is ready for your re-creation endeavours.

When you choose Coastal Demolitions for your industrial scale strip out services, you can expect efficiency, professionalism, and exceptional results.

We are committed to transforming spaces and helping you bring your vision to life. Contact us today on 0438 277 589 to discuss your project requirements and experience the difference our strip out services can make. 

Together, we can create a space that exceeds your expectations and sets you apart from the competition.


Q: What is a strip out?

A: A strip out is the process of removing all of the fixtures, fittings, and materials from a building or structure. It is typically done in preparation for renovation, demolition, or repurposing.

Q: What is the difference between strip out and demolition?

A: A fit out focuses on creating and enhancing interior spaces, demolition involves tearing down existing structures to prepare for new construction or renovation. They are complementary processes used at different stages of a property’s lifecycle.

Q: Do you handle commercial property fitouts?

A: Yes at Coastal Demolitions we can handle any size commercial building fit out as well as residential property renovations. Call us for a quote.