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At Coastal Demolitions, located in the heart of the Gold Coast, we’re revolutionising the commercial demolition landscape with our unparalleled expertise and meticulous precision. Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals, is passionately dedicated to providing superior commercial demolition services.

Our reputation for excellence isn’t just confined to the Gold Coast; we’re also setting new industry benchmarks in Brisbane. With a deep commitment to safety, environmental sustainability, and client satisfaction, we’re not just meeting expectations—we’re exceeding them.

Whether it’s a large-scale industrial site or a more intricate urban setting, our team has the skills, technology, and experience to deliver outstanding results on time and within budget. At Coastal Demolitions, we’re not just demolishing buildings but building a legacy of quality and reliability in commercial demolition.

demolition work & Land clearing by heavy machinery from Coastal Demolitions

Unparalleled Demolition Techniques

We pride ourselves on employing cutting-edge hydraulic machinery and a fleet of substantial equipment, including advanced cranes and heavy-duty excavators. Our team is well-versed in customising our approach to align precisely with the unique requirements of each project. This tailored strategy is pivotal in adhering to the stringent demolition standards of the Gold Coast authorities and consistently exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our adaptability extends to navigating complex urban environments and dealing with various structural challenges, ensuring that every demolition project we undertake is executed with utmost precision, safety, and efficiency. Our commitment to this dynamic and meticulous approach solidifies our reputation as a leader in the industry, delivering excellence in every aspect of our work.

Comprehensive Demolition Planning

Every commercial demolition project begins with an extensive and meticulous planning phase. Our team of seasoned experts carefully drafts comprehensive method statements, outlining each step of the demolition process with precision. This is complemented by conducting thorough risk assessments to identify and mitigate every potential hazard. Our commitment extends to maintaining transparent communication with our clients at every stage.

We keep you well-informed and involved throughout the process, ensuring your requirements and concerns are always at the forefront. To start this partnership, we offer no-obligation quotes and in-depth consultations, allowing you to make informed decisions about your project confidently. Our approach combines expertise, safety, and client-focused service to deliver exemplary results in commercial demolition.

Preparing for a kitchen demolition by Coastal demolitions
House being demolished | Coastal Demolitions

Ensuring Safety and Environmental Compliance

At our core, we have a team of highly qualified professionals who place paramount importance on safety and environmental preservation. We are deeply committed to strictly following health and safety protocols, particularly emphasising asbestos removal and disposal services. Our approach is meticulous and thorough, ensuring that every step of our operations is conducted carefully to prevent any adverse environmental impact.

We understand the gravity of our responsibility in this area and are dedicated to maintaining the highest safety and environmental stewardship standards. Our operations are not just about compliance; they are driven by a deep-seated commitment to protect our team’s health, clients, and the planet. This unwavering dedication to safety and environmental conservation is at the heart of everything we do, reflecting our belief that responsible business practices are essential for sustainable growth and a healthier world.

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Q: What Certificates are required for the demolition of my property?

A: In Queensland, both a Construction Certificate (CDC) and a Development Approval (DA) are required before any demolition work can be commenced. The CDC is issued by a private certifier, while the DA is issued by the local council.

Q: Who can perform demolitions?

A: In Queensland, only a licensed demolition contractor can perform demolitions. A licensed demolition contractor is a company or individual who has been granted a demolition license by the Queensland Government. 

To obtain a demolition license, a company or individual must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of five years of experience in demolition work
  • Have a qualified demolition supervisor
  • Have adequate insurance
  • Comply with all relevant safety regulations

Q: How long does demolition take?

A: The length of time it takes to demolish a property depends on a number of factors, including the size of the property, the type of demolition method used, and the availability of resources.

In general, demolition of a small residential property can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Demolition of a large commercial property or industrial building can take several months or even years.